Intermittent Fasting and Alcohol

Often vi ask us if we can drink alcohol when intermittent fasting. After reading up on the subject, there seems to be clear that we should stay clear of alcohol when fasting.

Check out this snippet where Brad Pilon talk about this subject in the article alcohol and fasting.

To start a review of alcohol and fasting we need to know two basic things: what happens when we ingest alcohol, and where does it go after we ingest it?

After drinking alcohol, it is readily absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract. About 20% of the absorption of alcohol takes place by passive diffusion through the stomach wall with the rest absorbed through the duodenum and the walls of the small intestine [Norberg A, 2003].

Once the alcohol has been absorbed it is slowly eliminated. This occurs primarily through metabolism, basically it is burned as a fuel. A super small amount of alcohol gets excreted unchanged in the breath (0.7%), sweat (0.1%), and urine (0.3%) [Holford NH, 1997].

Here’s another fun fact: according to Wikipedia (who’s never wrong), the average human digestive system produces approximately 3 grams of ethanol per day (a little less than a third of a beer)… completely irrelevant to an article on intermittent fasting and alcohol, but interesting nonetheless.

However as I said, the point of this isn’t a complete review of the health benefits and metabolism alcohol.


And if you CAN… WHEN is the best time to drink alcohol while intermittent fasting? Does alcohol break your fast?

These are all questions I get in regards to intermittent fasting for beginners. In today’s video, I’m going to be breaking down the science behind what happens when you drink alcohol and if you can still have beer/wine/tequila/etc while intermittent fasting.

I also review questions such as when is the best time to drink alcohol while intermittent fasting and exactly how much you alcohol you can have while intermittent fasting. So CHEERS to Nerding out on Nutrition! Update: Tequila has 0g carbs, not 8g (as do other hard alcohols). However, due to acetaldehyde production, I don’t recommend having it during your fasting period.

Google Answer this to the question:
Can I drink alcohol on intermittent fasting?

The only real issue with intermittent fasting is drinking. Alcohol has calories and you will not want to break your fast drinking till 2am.

The best solution is to work out which days you are going to drink and work them into your feeding period. For example, if you start eating at 5pm you can drink until midnight.

How much water should I drink a day

How much water should I drink a day is something I have asked myself, but there is no 100% percent right answer to this question. I need to drink a certain amount each day, but how much water should I drink can vary.

When we have researched waters impact on our body, we can see that the saying to drink like 8 cups of water per day, is wise advice. The question comes to mind regarding how much water I should drink. How much water do our bodies need?

How much water should I drink a day

It is not entirely clear where the saying about 8 cups a day comes from though. Doctors have used this saying for many years, and it is evident that they are onto something worth listening to, for better health.

We believe we all have experienced the benefits of drinking enough water. We feel much better than when we have not been able to fill our bodies with enough water. How much water I should drink is a question that we should see in correlation with what we eat. Many foods like cucumber, oranges, and melon contain lots of water and reduce how much we need to drink pure water.

However, if we drink 1.5 liters per day, I would say that you are doing good regarding drinking enough water if you do not have heavy activities that make you need to drink more water.

We know we can live for a couple of weeks without eating food, but with water, the time will be much less before our bodies start to tell us that it needs water to function in the day to day activities.

Here are some tips for drinking more water.

1. Always have water available

I like to buy a one-liter bottle put them in the fridge. Whenever I need one, I can take one out and take it with me. It’s comfortable and convenient. I can put it in my suitcase or carry it in my hands.

When I’m home, I can have it besides me when I’m watching TV or a movie. When it is empty, it is easy to fill it up. I think that if I can keep reminding myself that I should drink water more often, it is no problem to drink a lot more. Otherwise, I keep forgetting to drink enough.

2. Cold or room temperature water

In regards to choosing cold or room temperature water, I think it’s a choice you have to find for your self. When I have been training, I like to drink cold water, but when I get up in the morning, or I want to drink more, I think it’s better I like to drink temperature water. You got to find what you like best.

Pure water

We are aware that our bodies contain about 62% water. The amount of water needed depends on different factors including how much and how hard activity it is put through. Water protects our internal organs down to cell level, and it helps our cell to regulate temperature. During the day we need to compensate for water loss by eating foods that contain water and drinking water.

The tissue in your cells need to be moist so drinking a lot of water helps the cells to stay hydrated.

When hydrated your blood and bones function better and your head stays clearer. Water helps protect your spinal cord, and it acts as a lubricant and cushion for your joint.

So have I come closer to the question about how much water to drink a day? How much water to drink?

Not really. Personally, I will aim for 1-2 liters of pure water a day and see if it works for me.

Best regards
Pete Knutson

Esport fitness

Esport fitness is becoming a very important part if you want to succeed as a professionale gamer.

The world of eSport is tough and competitive so professional gamers are following the fitness regime of sports stars.

To make it as a professional gamer, players are increasingly hoping to hone their fitness as well as their gaming skills. With the League of Legends world championships in full swing in South Korea, where tiny margins of performance make the difference between progression and elimination, many players enjoy the traditional accoutrements of sporting professionals, such as exercise regimes and eating plans.

Carl Hapberg, who manages the London-based Fnatic teams, says all players are provided with a gym membership and access to a physiotherapist. After training sessions, the players go on review to analyse performance and perform stretching exercises. We have wrist trainers, those balls that you spin and move your wrist around to exercise your wrist. We also have stretching exercises where elbow and wrist are the parts most focused on. Carpal tunnel syndrome, a wrist injury, has ended many a gaming career.

In the future, Hapberg says, you will see the same setup as football clubs have. Fnatic already provides some of its players with chefs (caesar salad is top gaming food, Hapberg says, nothing too carb-heavy, even though the players like lasagne). Fnatics extended London base will be a bit like a football training ground, Hapberg says, although the gym is across the road.

Over the past few years, personal trainers who specialise in eSports have begun to emerge in the US along with athletic facilities that focus on fitness for eSports performance. The UK market lags in this regard, but even here gamers are exploring the affinity between traditional sport and esport. Next week, the British Esports Association, a nonprofit that promotes grassroots eSport, will partner up with West Ham United and Archery GB to provide a pilot half-term activity week.

The crossover makes sense. You have to keep yourself fit and healthy if you are a performer, says Mike Ellis, who manages Team Vitality, one of the top teams in Europe for Rocket League, and enjoys doing strength and conditioning work himself. (He recommends #healthygamer for eSports players interested in fitness.)

These guys are in front of the camera. In the same way as people performing, if you look good you are going to feel good and play better.

Read more:

If you do not care about your fitness, and use many hours in front of your computer, you probaly start getting overweight and maybe got a pot belly as a result. If so, check out our article on How to get rid of a pot belly.

Fat Belly – People that Changed Their Lives

Fat Belly is part of many peoples lives. It can be a struggle and certainly are for so many. The people at has compilled this impressive list of people that really did some amazing changes to their weight problem.

#1 Facial Progress – 206 Lbs Lost

Check out our article: How to get rid of a pot belly

#2 365 Days, -85 Pounds, 2ish Pieces Of Advice. From
220 Lbs To 135 Lbs

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#10 104,2 Lbs Down. Started In 3XL, Today I’m Wearing M Top And S Trousers!

#12 Today I Hit -250 Lbs Lost!  Started At 526, Now 276.  Over 3 Years On Keto, Also Incorporated Both Intermittent Fasting And Extended Fasting

#13 In The Same Pose, In The Same Mirror And With The Same Clothes. Only With 50 Kg Less

#14 222 Lbs Transformation

#15 When I Started Changing My Lifestyle Over 5 Years Ago Now, It Took Well Over A Year To Lose Most Of The Weight – Around 35 Kg /77 Lbs

#16 159 Lbs Lost, VSG, CICO, Walking And Biking. From A 5x Tee To A Medium

#17 My Only Hope Was To Be Out Of The 300s And I Did It

#18 110 Lbs Lost In 18 Months. Unmotivated Couch Potato To Australian Ninja Warrior And 4x World Champs Obstacle Course Racer. Loving Life Now!

#19 Four Years Ago, I Wore The Same Shirt That I Wore Today, The Difference Is Stunning And I Am So Very Proud Of Myself

#20 7 Months And 125 Lbs Down

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#25 Lost 100 Lbs In 18 Months

#26 40 Lbs In 4 Months. Feeling Like A Brand New Person And Smiling A Lot More!

#27 From 292 Lbs To 232 Lbs In 5 Years And 5 Months. I Lost The First 50 Pounds In 2 Years But Fell Off After That. I Blew Up To 260 In January 2017 And Decided That Enough Was Enough. I Have Been Dedicated To Eating Right And Working Out Consistently Since

#28 My Dad Lost 128+ Lbs In 2+ Years. He Was Near Death And Had Given Up On Life. He Decided To Take One More Crack At It And Follow His Doctor’s Suggestion. Eat To Live Program, Walking Everyday And Gym 5 Days A Week. Some Things Are Irreversible, But He’s Regained His Will To Live

#29 Use To Be 500 Lbs, Now I’m Not

#30 87 Lbs Lost. There’s A Couple People In My Life Who Are Unsupportive Of My Journey And So As I Near Maintenance I’m Posting This To Remind Myself That It Is And Always Will Be Worth It

#32 I Have Gone Down 20 Dress Sizes And Lost Over 150 Pounds Of Weight In 9 Months! So Happy

#33 Lost 170 Lbs

#34 133 Lbs Gone In One Year

#35 Lost 109 Pounds In 25 Months. Suit Progress

#36 Lost 141 Lbs. Will Power Is Slacking, Trying To Keep Motivated

#37 Face Progress. About 8 Years. CICO, Maturity And A Better Perspective On Life Got Me Here

#38 Weight Loss

#39 Weight Loss Journey

#40 Vacation 2017 Vs Vacation 2018: Approximately 110 Pounds Down

#42 107 Lbs Lost In 18 Months. Vacation Was A Little Different This Year

#43 Lost 72 Kg In 18 Months. A Way To Go But Feeling Good

#44 From 340 Lbs To 199 Lbs And Nowhere Close To Giving Up

#45 Lost 86 Lbs In 4 Years. I Haven’t Posted An Update In A While, Really Happy With How I’m Looking

#46 190kg/420lbs To 145kg/320lbs

#47 I Lost 100 Lbs

#48 A Year Ago My Fiancé And I Decided To Get In Shape For Our Wedding. That Wedding Is Tomorrow. Second Best Decision We’ve Made

#49 298 Lbs To 147 Lbs In 15 Months. Feeling Pretty Cute Today

#50 Lost 310 Lbs. Have Never Felt Better!

#52 I Started At 417 Pounds. Today During My Weekly Weigh In I Was Down 105 Pounds In 168 Days

#53 2,5 Years Of Hard Work 261 To 152 Lbs

#54 10 Months Ago And Now

#55 433 Lbs To 253 Lbs In 13 Months. Down 180 Lbs

#56 Progress

#57 It’s Been A While Since I’ve Pulled This Blast From The Past Out Of My Closet. 2 Years A Bit More Wiggle Room

#58 Lost 130 Lbs In 11 Months. Officially Out Of The ‘Obese’ Category

#59 Weight Loss – 60 Lbs Face Gains

#60 It Took 5 Years, But I Am Now Happier In Life Than I Have Ever Been

#62 My Girlfriend’s 1 Year Progress Pic. 85 Pounds Down. She Is Absolutely Incredible

Losing weight is always a struggle, it requires a huge amount of willpower and discipline, plus plenty of exercise to make the difference. Getting started is often the hardest part, once you are in a routine and notice the changes, things become a whole lot easier. But how to get started?

A little inspiration goes a long way. To demonstrate exactly what can be done with the right approach, we here at Bored Panda have compiled another list of inspiring transformations of those who have been there, done that. You can check out our previous posts here and here if you just can’t get enough. These people have changed so much, it’s hard to believe they are the same person! Scroll down below to check them out for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments!

How to Get Rid of a Pot Belly

How to get rid of a pot belly when you think you have tried it all? There are great reasons for getting rid of your “pot belly” or also called “beer belly”. Your motivation can be of a purely aesthetic nature or to gain some control back over your health, by reducing the heart disease risk at which your lipid protuberance is putting you. What’s inside of it by the way? What are the best exercises? Is there a miracle diet? So many questions to answer here. Flat Belly Fix may help you.

The World Health Organisation published the survey of “The top ten causes of death”. And guess what? Heart diseases and strokes are ranked nr 1 and 2! The correlation between a pot belly and coronary problems have long been demonstrated, so let’s see how to tackle “Mr Pot Belly”.

How to get rid of a pot belly

Getting your waist back means exercising and changing some habits, for example foodwise where  Fat loss cooking will make it a lot easier cooking healthy food.

There are no miraculous solutions on how to get rid of a pot belly, stay away from miracle pills and powders. Doping is not in the scope here. A healthy mix of cardio activities, to burn more fat, and a routine to target these belly muscles, that’s in the topic. Before choosing the perfect set of exercises and enjoying a new diet, let’s have a deeper look at the inside story:

– The organs: the stomach, the intestines, the pancreas, the liver, the gallbladder, the kidneys and the spleen, digestion is their job, feeding the muscles the target. Keeping them in a good condition is helping a lot when it comes to losing weight, they will adapt to any healthy diet.
The abdomen muscles can be split into 4 main groups:

1. Transversus abdominis – the deepest muscle layer, it helps to compress the ribs and digestive organs and provide thoracic and pelvic stability.

2. Rectus abdominis – extends vertically between the ribs and the pubic bone at the front of the pelvis. This is your “six pack” or “washboard” muscle. It is a postural muscle, responsible for flexing the lumbar spine, as when doing a so-called “crunch” sit ups.

3. External oblique muscles – on each side of the rectus abdominis. They allow the trunk to twist.
4. internal oblique muscles – flank the rectus abdominis, found inside the hipbones. They work in the opposite way to the external oblique muscles.

These belly muscles cannot be left alone, around the spine are the Core muscle and the Multifidus which are working together with the transversus abdominis to increase spine stability and they protect you back injuries, if they are not strong enough yet, they will need to be addressed specifically, otherwise exercising might do more damages than good.

Now that we are acquainted with our inner companions, let’s get to the plan.

If you are not doing any fitness activities yet, start now, any sport or activity will do, as long as it will make you sweat! Join a training class of any aerobic, martial arts, hip hop, belly dancing, spinning, zumba, boot camp, etc. all these are helping burning fat. If you prefer outdoor, get out and run!

Abdominal workout: You can opt for a yoga or pilates class, the abdominal and core muscles are smoothly addressed. Or you prefer the traditional crunches and sit ups. Or mix methods, changing the exercises regularly and mixing them adds some spice! If you like working on the machines, go to the gym.

Two magazines are proposing here a good selection of simple crunches and sit ups to do. Men’s health is coming up with a 10 minutes workout to do every day. Perfect for a busy day. It’s about repeating 3 times a routine of 5 exercises done 12 times. The long-arm crunch, The Reverse crunch, The Janda sit-up, The Jacknife and The Extended plank. Easily done everywhere as no equipment is required. It’s nothing revolutionary, but it works. The description how to do each exercise are clear, they even explain why doing this exercise.

Or you can choose the sport stars recipes. GQ listed 6 exercises selected by famous trainers, they are also well described using videos. Next to crunches and sit ups there are side bends and squats which can be done with basic equipment.

If this is all new ground, have your fitness level checked by a fitness trainer and get a properly adapted exercise plan, the professional will help you getting the movements right.

With your plan in the hand and discipline results will be there in no time. The plan is adapted based on the progresses achieved. Don’t get overexcited and make more than your plan is telling you to do, avoid monster muscle soreness. And this will kill your motivation.

What’s about your food and drinks? Exercising is good, but might not be enough. Maybe you need only small adjustments. Write down what you are eating during a week and compare your daily food intake with for example the WHO basic healthy diet. Is everything in check? Reducing alcohol can be key to loosing this belly faster.

If you tried sport and healthy food already and still staring at your pot belly, you clearly lacked of stamina! Boost your motivation, no motivation, no stamina. Keep your mojo running and be successful. Everything is in the head:

– Your new physical activity is your new hobby, hobbies are fun activities to do!

– Sign a contract about losing your pot belly. Moral obligation can help.

– Do it for yourself just for you, you are the star, don’t do this for anybody else.

– Take pictures and measure your waist regularly, write down your results and your daily activities done. Seeing your progresses will keep you going.

– Set reachable goals, overdoing it can lead to frustration. Milestones are helpful if your goal will take more than a month to reach. Reaching milestones boosts the motivation.

– Do one thing at a time. Cumulating challenges increases the risk of failure. i.e. quit smoking another time, tackle issues separately.

– Don’t get advices from you friends, they might be right, might be wrong. For the sake of your abs, get advices from professionals, a physician for health issues, a fitness trainer for a routine and a nutritionist for diets.

After all this exercising and be discipline, your pot belly is gone, yes, well done, you did it! Continue your routine with some adaptation, to keep in shape. Your new hobby is here to last. This was this year’s best decision and will never regret it. In a few years you will look again at these pictures of you with your lipid friend and smile at him!

Goodbye Mr Pot Belly!

Best regards
Admin @