Intermittent Fasting and Alcohol

Often vi ask us if we can drink alcohol when intermittent fasting. After reading up on the subject, there seems to be clear that we should stay clear of alcohol when fasting.

Check out this snippet where Brad Pilon talk about this subject in the article alcohol and fasting.

To start a review of alcohol and fasting we need to know two basic things: what happens when we ingest alcohol, and where does it go after we ingest it?

After drinking alcohol, it is readily absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract. About 20% of the absorption of alcohol takes place by passive diffusion through the stomach wall with the rest absorbed through the duodenum and the walls of the small intestine [Norberg A, 2003].

Once the alcohol has been absorbed it is slowly eliminated. This occurs primarily through metabolism, basically it is burned as a fuel. A super small amount of alcohol gets excreted unchanged in the breath (0.7%), sweat (0.1%), and urine (0.3%) [Holford NH, 1997].

Here’s another fun fact: according to Wikipedia (who’s never wrong), the average human digestive system produces approximately 3 grams of ethanol per day (a little less than a third of a beer)… completely irrelevant to an article on intermittent fasting and alcohol, but interesting nonetheless.

However as I said, the point of this isn’t a complete review of the health benefits and metabolism alcohol.


And if you CAN… WHEN is the best time to drink alcohol while intermittent fasting? Does alcohol break your fast?

These are all questions I get in regards to intermittent fasting for beginners. In today’s video, I’m going to be breaking down the science behind what happens when you drink alcohol and if you can still have beer/wine/tequila/etc while intermittent fasting.

I also review questions such as when is the best time to drink alcohol while intermittent fasting and exactly how much you alcohol you can have while intermittent fasting. So CHEERS to Nerding out on Nutrition! Update: Tequila has 0g carbs, not 8g (as do other hard alcohols). However, due to acetaldehyde production, I don’t recommend having it during your fasting period.

Google Answer this to the question:
Can I drink alcohol on intermittent fasting?

The only real issue with intermittent fasting is drinking. Alcohol has calories and you will not want to break your fast drinking till 2am.

The best solution is to work out which days you are going to drink and work them into your feeding period. For example, if you start eating at 5pm you can drink until midnight.