How much water should I drink a day

How much water should I drink a day is something I have asked myself, but there is no 100% percent right answer to this question. I need to drink a certain amount each day, but how much water should I drink can vary.

When we have researched waters impact on our body, we can see that the saying to drink like 8 cups of water per day, is wise advice. The question comes to mind regarding how much water I should drink. How much water do our bodies need?

How much water should I drink a day

It is not entirely clear where the saying about 8 cups a day comes from though. Doctors have used this saying for many years, and it is evident that they are onto something worth listening to, for better health.

We believe we all have experienced the benefits of drinking enough water. We feel much better than when we have not been able to fill our bodies with enough water. How much water I should drink is a question that we should see in correlation with what we eat. Many foods like cucumber, oranges, and melon contain lots of water and reduce how much we need to drink pure water.

However, if we drink 1.5 liters per day, I would say that you are doing good regarding drinking enough water if you do not have heavy activities that make you need to drink more water.

We know we can live for a couple of weeks without eating food, but with water, the time will be much less before our bodies start to tell us that it needs water to function in the day to day activities.

Here are some tips for drinking more water.

1. Always have water available

I like to buy a one-liter bottle put them in the fridge. Whenever I need one, I can take one out and take it with me. It’s comfortable and convenient. I can put it in my suitcase or carry it in my hands.

When I’m home, I can have it besides me when I’m watching TV or a movie. When it is empty, it is easy to fill it up. I think that if I can keep reminding myself that I should drink water more often, it is no problem to drink a lot more. Otherwise, I keep forgetting to drink enough.

2. Cold or room temperature water

In regards to choosing cold or room temperature water, I think it’s a choice you have to find for your self. When I have been training, I like to drink cold water, but when I get up in the morning, or I want to drink more, I think it’s better I like to drink temperature water. You got to find what you like best.

Pure water

We are aware that our bodies contain about 62% water. The amount of water needed depends on different factors including how much and how hard activity it is put through. Water protects our internal organs down to cell level, and it helps our cell to regulate temperature. During the day we need to compensate for water loss by eating foods that contain water and drinking water.

The tissue in your cells need to be moist so drinking a lot of water helps the cells to stay hydrated.

When hydrated your blood and bones function better and your head stays clearer. Water helps protect your spinal cord, and it acts as a lubricant and cushion for your joint.

So have I come closer to the question about how much water to drink a day? How much water to drink?

Not really. Personally, I will aim for 1-2 liters of pure water a day and see if it works for me.

Best regards
Pete Knutson